Revolutionising the way we cleanse, Pt MOLECURE is a customisable program formulated by pharmacists, offering the same rejuvenating benefits of a full body cleanse without any cumbersome lifestyle restrictions. 

Sydney based start-up FERMIO LAB, have created a triple-fermented, nutrient-dense superfruits and berries drink that supports digestive balance and complements the bodies’natural detoxification pathways. 

Sometimes our bodies cry out for the opportunity to be reset, and there’s nothing like a good clear out of built up toxins to ensure that we’re functioning at our very best.

Formulated for health-conscious people with big goals, good intentions and busy schedules, each 50ml vial of Pt MOLECURE is a portable powerhouse containing 66 naturally nutritious plant foods.

Packed with easily-absorbable forms of antioxidants, micronutrients, B-complex vitamins and digestion-friendly prebiotics, Pt MOLECURE will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and rejuvenated with radiant skin in just four weeks.

Pt MOLECURE’s gentle nutritional cleansing formula improves digestive health and overall wellbeing by nourishing and balancing the good bacteria in the gut while neutralising environmental stressors with plant-powered antioxidants.

“When it comes to lifestyle choices, we know good intentions are often gutted by poor execution. Unlike other cleanses and detoxes that rely on deprivation to achieve quick results, FERMIO’s pretox proactively primes and optimises the digestive system while helping to build healthy habits that last.

Ai-Lien Chen, Pharmacist and FERMIO’s Co-Founder says,

With the ethos of ‘nourishment, not punishment’ in mind, the Pt MOLECURE pretox is flexible, effortless, effective and infinitely sustainable.

On the first week of your pretox, take one 50ml vile of Pt MOLECURE on an empty stomach, ideally first thing in the morning half an hour before consuming your brekkie. Do this for SIX consecutive days.

In weeks 2-4, choose TWO days to pretox (whichever days fit best with your schedule and doesn’t have to be consecutive days). It’s that easy!

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